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SR Developers, and me personally, has worked with AptechSoft on both product development and consulting engagements with a focus on mobile and CRM. We have experienced great cooperation from management in both departments, quick understanding of requirements, deep technical skills from assigned resources, and the company's commitment to time, price, and quality. We would be pleased to recommend AptechSoft to anyone looking for outsourcing or extension of their own team!

Mr. Sunil Rai, Director, SR Developers


AptechSoft designed and developed a native iOS app that offers a quantitative assessment of users’ physical fitness. I've incorporated my idea of a reliable person's physical state analyzer on my PC, and the AptechSoft’s technical team implemented it to mobile realm. I was impressed with the excellent level of responsibility, communication skills and mobile competences of both the management team and developers. All the tasks were completed accurately, promptly and efficiently.

Mr. Ramapati Shukla, Manager, Highway Platinum


AptechSoft team successfully perfomed business analysis in Document Management system notably migration to updated systems in order to improve service quality and provide verification of all the documentation. AptechSoft has high technological competances to implement the needed specification as well as relevant domain experience (in this case nuclear filed) so that the developers and testers can correctly interpret the guideline. Everything was delivered on time and on budget. As we've provided a detailed specification from the very beginning, they were able to set a price for the whole project and responsible for sticking to it. I'm likely to recommend AptechSoft.

Mrs. Anjali Bhargava, Co-Founder, Dial And Reach Pvt. Ltd.


AptechSoft offers a high caliber of resources skilled in Microsoft Azure .NET, mobile and Quality Assurance. Over the past three years, Hridyam was very pleased with the service provided by AptechSoft development teams and executive management. For accelerated project timelines which require skilled resources, AptechSoft is a company that your team should consider.

Mr. Ashish Aganihotri, Director, Hridyam Architect and Designer


AptechSoft proved to be a professional service provider from the outset. We appreciate their proactive approach and ability to suggest improvements to a prospective solution on both architectural and business levels. We know we can always rely on AptechSoft’s various competencies when our clients require quality software which would facilitate their business success.

Mr. Raman Arora, Managing Director, Merryland